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You need flexible business space. We can help.

All FlexSpaceHere™ facilities are conveniently located near expressways and major roads in Charleston, South Carolina. Our secure metal buildings feature high ceilings, garage doors and flexible space in 1,000 to 1,500 square foot increments. Fenced-in laydown yards with security fence and code entry are available for storing trailers, vans, and more. All of our spaces include a 10 x 10 office space and bathroom. Leases ranging from 1-3 years are available.

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Flexible Space Available Now

Flexible spaces are available right now around North Charleston, West Ashley, and James Island, South Carolina! The ideal facility for all types of small businesses needing indoor space, lay-down yards and garages can be accommodated.
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Who Needs Flexible Space?

Contractors | Landscapers | Renovators | Painters | Remodelers | Clearing & Grading Businesses | Roofers | Furniture | Builders | HVAC Companies | Plumbers

Flooring Installers | Machinists | Small Engine Repair | Auto Repair | Transportation Companies | Fencing Companies | Real Estate Offices

Graphics Companies & Printers | E-Commerce | Photographers | Cleaning Professionals | Locksmiths | And many more!

As businesses change and grow, space for shipping, storing products and materials or working becomes paramount. FlexSpaceHere™ facilities are ideal for these needs and more.

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